Walter Succu

Walter Succu / Producer
Walter is a producer and director of content in film and television industry. He started by studing directing and screenwring in Rome and Los Angeles. He’s worked around the world for major tv network and film production. Walter with two other partners is the cofounder of BBS an italian indipendent film/tv production.

Mike L. Murphy

Mike L. Murphy / Creative Director 
Mike has worked in visual effects for a number of Hollywood blockbuster films, including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ironman and Fast & Furious. He’s directed commercials for CocaCola, Hasbro, Slovene Tourism Board and Home Depot, directed numerous award winning short films and supervised for such studios as Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. Mike is the cofounder of The Visionary Planner where he and his
team teach entrepreneurs how to start up online brands.


Dr. Christine Lemaitre / Head of Sustainable Building
Dr. Christine Lemaitre was born in Gießen, Germany in 1975 and studied structural engineering at the university of Stuttgart from 1995 to 2000. After working in the USA for two years, she started working at the institute of Lightweight Structures Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart as a research and teaching assistant in the area of adaptive lightweight structures in 2003. In 2007, she started as a project manager for RD&D at Bilfinger Berger AG in the area of resource efficient buildings. She completed her phd thesis in 2008. In January 2009 she took on the role as director certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council. Since February 2010 dr. Christine Lemaitre is the CEO of the German Sustainable Building Council. Since 2013 she is a member of the board of directors of the Sustainable Building Alliance, and in 2015 she was elected as Chair of the European Regional Network (ERN) of the World Green Building Council.  

Emanuele Mazzadi

Emanuele Mazzadi / Architect
Emanuele was born in November 1981, he studied architecture in Parma (Italy), where he learnt “the art” of restoration and then in Stuttgart (Germany): there he learnt the importance of the green technologies for building renovation.
He lives in the Italian Apennines, in a village surrounded by scenic mountains in the province of Parma.
He works as an architect on the renovation and restoration of ancient buildings, such as stone houses, water mills and farms.

Alberto Zeppieri

Alberto Zeppieri 
Alberto Zeppieri, born on 19 May 1953 in Udine, Milanese “by adoption”, currently works from his buen retiro in the Cape Verde islands. Since adolescence he has been an author-composer, producer and record company director, music journalist, he plays saxophone and flute. He has always been involved in the social sector, and since 2015 he is the President of the Provincial Committee of reference and the Artistic Director for Unicef in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. He is the partner and co-founder of “Virgin Radio Italy” S.p.A. (MEDIASET Group) and the special attorney for the recording projects of the Lelio Luttazzi Foundation. He has signed creative adaptations of many songs by Italian and international artists, among them Noa,  Gino Vannelli, Ornella Vanoni, Gino Paoli, Tito Paris, Teofilo Chantre and many more. With Cesaria EVORA he conceived and created “Cape Verde, Land of Love”: a series of records for the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM, in collaboration with SONY FRANCE and LUSAFRICA Publishing from Paris. In 2013 he participated in the SANREMO Festival as a co-author.

Tinkara Kovač

Tinkara Kovač / musician 
Tinkara Kovač is a musician, graduate flutist at the conservatory of Triest, author of music and lyrics, producer and publisher. She originates and lives in Slovenia. Since 1997, she has released nearly twenty albums. In the twenty-four years of her work on the music scene, she has received numerous awards and recognitions: first prize at the MMS Festival 1997, eight Golden Roosters in 1998, gold and platinum medals for all albums, second prize at the Eurovision Song Contest in Slovenia in 1999, best video and song on TV MP3 NOW in London in 2000, ranking of her original song Reason Why among the top ten at the ISC competition in 2003, main prize and prize for best interpretation at MMS Festival 2014, victory at EMI 2016 and she made it to the final at Eurovision 2016, most played song in 2016. At the 39th Festival of Melodies of the Sea and the Sun 2019, she received the main prize, the award for the best text and fot the best song. With her many and varied ensembles (from acoustic, band ensembles, to string, wind, vocal and symphony orchestras) she has played over 1000 concerts in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy since 1996. Among the most important international collaborations on stage and in the studio are Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull; England), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin; England), Carlos Nunez (The Chieftains; Spain), Massimo Bubola (Italy), Kati Garbi (Greece), Gino Santercole (Italy), Sergio Endrigo (Italy), Ghigo Renzulli (Litfiba; Italia), Niccolo’ Fabi (Italy), Fabrizio Simoncioni (Litfiba, Negrita, Ligabue; Italia) and many others.

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